KPKitepower El Gouna
T&CGeneral Terms & Conditions
DDPrivacy Policy
In the following, a person is called as participant, customer, renter. This refers to both the male and female form of the person who concludes the contract.In the following, the KP-staff is mentioned as KP-team, kite instructor, beachboy (s), stationmanager.


KPKitepower El Gouna
T&CGeneral Terms & Conditions
DDPrivacy Policy
In the following, a person is called as participant, customer, renter. This refers to both the male and female form of the person who concludes the contract.In the following, the KP-staff is mentioned as KP-team, kite instructor, beachboy (s), stationmanager.


Kitepower El Gouna
FRZ14, El Gouna, Egypt


  1. The participant will be particularly advised of the following:
    • kitesurfing is a high-risk sport.
    • there is an increased risk of personal injury, both in the own person and in a third party.
    • the customer must follow the instructions of the instructors immediately and unconditionally.
    • in case of improper conduct, the organizer does not accept liability for personal injury or material damage.
  2. The participant must be healthy.
    The participant expressly declares that he/she has neither health issues, nor conditional, and from a medical point of view is impaired and there are therefore no objections to the practice of kitesurfing and thus does not endanger himself/herself or anyone else.
    For possible complaints we recommend to contact the family doctor/GP before concluding the contract.
  3. Prerequisites for participation are good swimming skills and a sporty resilience. The participant can swim for at least 15 minutes in free water without aids.


  1. Registration for a kitesurf course, kitepass/storage, rentals and any other offers by KP must be made in writing (including the internet registration form).
  2. For minors, the written consent of the legal representative must be provided in order to ensure the effectiveness of the legal declaration.


A withdrawel from the participant is possible at any time. This must be done in writing. This comes into force upon arrival at the organizer. Withdrawel of the contract will result in cancellation fees.


  1. The booking is binding. The following conditions apply to cancellations. The following cancellation fees apply:
    • up to 30 days before planned arrival 10%
    • from the 29th to the 20th day before planned arrival 25%
    • from the 19th to the 10th day before planned arrival 50%
    • from the 9th to the 4th day before planned arrival 65%
    • from the 3rd day (72 hours) before planned arrival 85%
    • on the day of planned arrival or no-show 100%


  1. Participants who sustained disturb a course, behave in breach of contract or deliberately endanger themselves and others can be excluded from further participation.
  2. In case of violations of the terms and conditions, KP is entitled to declare the immediate withdrawal from the contract. Payments made will not be refunded.


KP is daily opened from 9 AM until sunset (about 6 PM). Due to safety reasons, kitesurfing is not permitted before and after the opening hours, as our rescue boat and the beach staff is not operating.

Payment must be paid before 5 PM.


The participant is obliged to do everything reasonable in the event of performance disruptions in order to help remedy the incident and to minimize any damage that may have occurred.


  1. The KP beach is a private beach. You therefore are required to follow the instructions by KP-Team.
  2. The applicable beach rules must be observed.
  3. Starting and landing of the kite is only permitted on the water’s edge with the help of the start- and landing helpers. For safety reasons it is not allowed to fly the kite on the land.
  4. The international KVRs (collision avoidance regulations) according to VDWS and IKO apply. These are also known as general right of way rules.
  5. Jumping near the shore is not permitted for safety reasons.
  6. The lifeboat is primarily available for deep water rescue. At low-tide or too low water level, the use of the lifeboat cannot be guaranteed for technical reasons.
  7. Kitesurfing out of sight is at your own risk. When leaving the field of view, about 2km – eg. Up- / Downwinder, Trips to the offshore islands – KP accepts no liability or guarantee for Rescues
  8. In the case of a rescue, everyone has to follow the instructions by KP-staff. Priority, however, is given to saving people. KP assumes no liability for possible damage to the material.


  1. The safety and operational readiness of the kitesurfing material is ensured by regular inspections. Nevertheless, the participant / renter is obliged to check the kitesurfing material before departure. In the interest of all parties involved, each participant / renter is obliged to immediately report any damages incurred.
  2. The kitesurfing equipment of KP must not be left lying on the beach for more than 15 minutes, as wind and UV light shorten the lifespan considerably. Therefore, after kiting, the material must be disassembled and – dry – returned to the office.
  3. In case of non-compliance, KP’s team reserves the right to disassemble the material and issue a warning.
  4. If the operational readiness of the kitesurfing material is no longer guaranteed by ignoring the instruction of the instructor or by negligent or even intentional behavior of the participant/renter, there is no entitlement to damages on the part of the participant/renter for the time lost due to the fact-finding and fault clearance.


  1. KP is responsible for the diligent course and event preparation, the careful selection and supervision of the service providers, the correctness of the course announcement and the proper performance of the contractually agreed performance and for the conscientious execution of the inspections to ensure the operational readiness of the kitesurfing material.
  2. All activities on the kite beach are at your own risk.
  3. In the case of self-inflicted or externally caused damage, the participant / renter is obliged to declare. The participant / tenant undertakes to treat and manage the kitesurfing material as his property.
  4. For self-inflicted damages (including failure and consequential damages) on the Kitesurf equipment the participant / tenant is personally liable.
  5. KP is not liable for property damage or personal injury of any kind. No liability is accepted for the loss or theft of valuables and objects. This also applies to the lockers and storage rooms.


  1. KP as landlord is entitled to refuse the handover of the kitesurfing equipment, unless the renter does has the required qualification (VDWS or IKO license).
  2. If, despite the license, a lack of qualification (lack of control of the sports equipment, violation of evasion and driving rules, endangerment of others) reveals the renter with regard to the safe guidance of the kitesurfing material or this contrary to the instructions, the landlord can declare the immediate withdrawal from the contract and keep the rental fee.
  3. Rental fees do not include material insurance. You may, however, obtain material insurance for € 35 per week (includes 1 damage). Insurance on a daily basis is not available. In case of negligent destruction or los of material, KP is authorized to withdraw insurance cover. In this case, the customer is required to make up for the damage.


  1. Usually a kite surf lesson starts at the first booked day at 9 AM. If the practical part of the course can‘t take place because of too much (>25 kn) or too less (<12 kn) wind, the course will be rescheduled or replaced with a voucher with a similar value. KP is not required to reimburse part of the course fees if the customer for personal reasons ends a course rather than booked by him.
  2. During kite courses you are required to follow the instructions by the kite instructors and the station director. In order to allow for orderly course proceedings on our part and with regard to the other participants, it is mandatory to adhere to the respective course schedule.
  3. The participant declares to have been informed about the dangers, risks and possibilities of getting injured in the course. KP does not accept any liability for damages to material or persons that might be inflicted on course participants or third parties in the course of instructions.


The ineffectiveness of individual provisions does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire contract. The contracting parties undertake to replace any invalid provision by a clause corresponding to the presumed will whenever possible.

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