Why El Gouna is the Perfect Spot for Kite Surfers

El Gouna, a prime kite surfing destination nestled 25 km north of Hurghada, Egypt, offers perfect conditions for water sports enthusiasts. This coastal haven is renowned for its consistent winds and shallow waters, ideal for both beginners and professional kite surfers.

The geography of El Gouna creates a natural playground for kite surfers. The spot features a vast shallow area, 2-3 km long and about 1 km wide, leading up to a reef that provides smooth waters irrespective of the tide conditions. This makes it an excellent area for learning and perfecting kite surfing techniques.

Safety and accessibility are paramount in El Gouna. The water depth varies with the tide, ranging from 40-70 cm, ensuring that even at low tide, kite surfers can enjoy the sport with minimal risk. The sandy bottom without dangerous corals adds to the safety, allowing worry-free surfing.

Besides kite surfing, El Gouna offers a plethora of activities such as diving, horse riding, wellness, and yoga. This variety ensures that visitors have plenty to do, even when the winds don’t favor kite surfing, making it a versatile destination for families and groups with diverse interests.

With its exceptional conditions and variety of leisure activities, El Gouna stands out as a top choice for kite surfers. The unique blend of favorable winds, beautiful landscapes, and comprehensive facilities makes it a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about kite surfing.

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